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Servant leadership specialists


"Our purpose is to mobilize the gospel through people who have a vision of hope."


- José Vicente Rojas

The power of true servant leadership is not measured by how many followers you have, but by how many new leaders you inspire, mentor and mobilize during your lifetime.


Servant leaders have been around for thousands of years. Although they have at times been misunderstood and perceived as “weak” by more traditional leaders, servant leaders have been and continue to be some of the most impacting and consequential movers of people.


Servant leadership is a state of mind, not merely a style or method. Jesus of Nazareth, Mahandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr are examples that demonstrate how leaders who think like servants can literally impact the course of humanity.          



Hope is the work. The experiential power of hope is transformational, granting us the ability to look a little higher than ourselves. At that moment, leadership is born. 



There are people who develop methods, our mission is to speak and train on concepts that develop people. Empowered people are our method.


Leadership Development


Training and Mentoring that assists you in identifying your purpose as a leader and the power of the servant mindset, in order to transform your organization.


For churches this is good ministry, for companies this is good business, for wise administrators it is simply a matter of good sense.

Specialized Services


Our services in Outreach and Youth Ministry are focused entirely on providing 

an opportunity for your people to experience the call to servant leadership. If you plan to mobilize your people, we would be honored to assist a people called to serve.

​​Motivational Speaking


Motivational Speaking that inspires and motivates people to action. Whether it be a small church or school event, a corporate convention or a stadium summit, we provide speaking that focuses on the vision and specific steps your organization is taking to mobilize your people.

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