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Servant leadership specialists


"We exist to strengthen organizations by developing servant leaders."


José Vicente Rojas


What is a servant leader?

...a person who leads with the conviction that people come first.


Servant leaders have been around for thousands of years. Although they have at times been misunderstood and perceived as “weak” by more traditional leaders, servant leaders—have been and continue to be—some of the most impacting and consequential movers of people today.


Servant leadership is a state of mind, not merely a style or method. Jesus of Nazareth, Mahandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr are examples that demonstrated how leaders who think like servants can literally impact the course of humanity. 


          • A servant leader thinks of the team as the key to the future of the organization and its vision. 


          • A servant leader demonstrates respect for the team and works to build their skills and abilities. As a result, the team functions as a group of individuals who perceive their joint efforts as vital to achieving the mision of the organization.


          • A servant leader works with the team to build a shared vision for the organization, so that as efforts are mobilized, the team will literally do their best work.